Initially, this show, hosted by the man who eventually became known as Canada's Country Gentleman, was the summer replacement for The Happy Gang. When The Happy Gang left the air in 1959, Tommy Hunter and his cast became regular listening each weekday afternoon. The cast included Gordie Tapp, Al Harris, Gloria Loring, Don Johnson, and Rhythm Pals Mike Ferbey, Marc Wald, and Jack Jensen. The show was sponsored by Beehive corn syrup, and like its TV counterpart, it always featured visiting performers. In his book, From Coast to Coast, A Personal History of Radio in Canada, CBC producer Sandy Stewart recalls that each Friday afternoon, Hunter would get a speeding ticket while hurrying to be with the love of his life in his hometown of London, Ontario. To quote Stewart: "All dressed up in his cowboy outfit in his great big white Cadillac, he didn't have a chance."