Canada was justly prowd of Stage, whose full title was always followed by the current year, as in Stage 44. Produced by Andrew Allan, the series aired each Sunday at 9 PM, and ran the theatrical gauntlet from the classics, to original plays, through to hilarious political satires. Allan himself, it is said, could be a slave driver or a guardian angel, depending on what he felt was needed at the time. Drama critics throughout North America said that Allan's plays should serve as models for other producers to follow. The Investigator, a spoof on McCarthyism, was so good that illegal records of the play were sold under the counter in New York, and Allan's production of Mr. Arcularis became a classic radio play that enchanted audiences year after year. Other productions included Burlap Bags by Len Peterson, which documented the unionization of department stores, The Basketweavers by Ted Allan, Barometer Rising, Murder in The Cathedral, and many Shakespearean dramas adapted by Allan himself. Writers who worked for Allan could submit scripts, confident that he would find just the right actors for the job.

Eventually, the series was taken over by Esse Ljeung.



Be sure to go into The Listening Room to pick up a copy of All About Emily, from the mid fifties run of this series.