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(1982, CBC Radio)
Based on novellas and short stories by Rex Stout
Adapted and Produced by Ron Hartman
Music by Don Gillis
Starring Mavor Moore as NERO WOLFE
and Don Francks as ARCHIE GOODWIN
with Cec Linder as Inspector Cramer
Frank Perry as Fritz
Alfie Scopp as Saul
Guest appearances by Lally Cadeau, Jack Creely, Neil Munro, Eric Peterson, Fiona Reid, Jayne Eastwood, August Schellenberg, Maria Loma, Jackie Burroughs,
Brian George, Arch McDonnell, Barbara Hamilton, Terry Tweed, Lynne Griffin, Sandy Webster, Martha Gibson, Charmion King, Budd Knapp, Ailine Seaton, Mary
Peery, Patricia Hamilton, Meana E. Meana, Helen Hughs

"Disguise For Murder" (January 16, 1982)
"Before I Die" (January 23, 1982)
"Counterfeit for Murder" (January 30, 1982)
"The Cop Killer" (February 6, 1982)
"Christmas Party" (February 13, 1982)
"Cordially Invited to Meet Death" (February 20, 1982)
"Man Alive" (February 27, 1982)
"Instead of Evidence" (March 6, 1982)
"Eeney Meeny Murder Mo" (March 13, 1982)
"The Squirt and the Monkey" (March 20, 1982)
"The Next Witness" (March 27, 1982)
"Death of a Demon" (April 3, 1982)
"Murder is No Joke" (April 10, 1982)