The creator of Maggie Muggins was popular children's broadcaster, Mary Grannan. Maggie would go to the woods to meet with such friends as Fitzgerald Fieldmouse, Grandmother Frog, Petunia Possum, Benny Bear, and Gretta Grubb. The voices were all done by Miss Grannan herself. It was necessary for her to research the program very carefully. On one occasion, when she said that Maggie was saving her chicken bones for a little dog she had become acquainted with, she was delluged with mail from horrified listeners who told her that dogs should never be given chicken bones, because the bones might splinter.

Here's how the show began:

"Maggie Muggins is fun, and she has freckles on her nose and it's turned up, and she has two pigtails the colour of brand new carrots. She has a friend named Mr. McGarrity. He gardens in a garden. On days when Maggie can't think of things to do, he always thinks of something. He knows where raspberries get their thorns, and I'll never forget the day he shows Maggie the robin having a feast in a cherry tree. Maggie talked about that the whole of the day. And now, here comes Maggie Muggins herself. She's dancing down the garden path, and she's singing:

Tra la la la la la lee,
Here comes Maggie Muggins, me!"