At the listening room, you can hear special features which are unique to this web site. It may be excerpts of Canadian programming, interesting material from the Sunday night chats, or unique material which has been found. We'll keep things up on the web site indefinitely, unless we run out of space. In this case, we'll rotate the material. The files found here are in mp3 format for easy download. Be sure you have your speakers connected properly, and at a comfortable volume. If you didn't hear Devon's welcome message when you first loaded up this web site, check your speaker connections. Enjoy the files.


Canadian Radio Bloopers

This collection of bloopers was put together and given to this web site, with thanks to Mike Morrison from Voiceprint Canada.


The Canada Day Celebration Of 2007


Here are features from our Canada Day celebration during 2007. This gives you a feel for what goes on in the chat room. Many agreed that they'd like the whole file put up. So here's the file, with some very minor editing, to take out some extraneous bits. We played music through the chat program, and this file is what the software recorded. Enjoy!


Canada Day 2007 Bonus Features


In the case of material which isn't officially released, I, Matthew Bullis, have included the files here as single downloads. Did you like the Gordon Lightfoot song? Well here it is.


For selling half a million copies, the song Ca-na-da, doesn't seem to be officially available, so here that song is. Also, you can read up on the song Ca-na-da, and its history.


Mike Morrison played an excerpt of a Jack Benny show, which we found out afterwards was from Jack's birthday in 1943. Therefore, I've gone ahead and included the entire show, from February 14, 1943, for you to enjoy.



While we're on the subject of Canada Day, go ahead and read the history behind the National Anthem, O Canada. In our Canada Day celebration in the chat room, we prevailed upon Mike Morrison to read Red Skelton's tribute to O Canada, since we didn't have a recording at the time. Well better late than never, we recieved a copy of it two days later, and now you can hear Red deliver his moving tribute.


On July 15, 2007, Voiceprint broadcast an interview with Devon Wilkins, the president of COTRA. She had an unfortunate case of laryngitis, but did the interview anyway. Here's the interview to enjoy.


Thanks to Loyd Bulmur, we have a copy of a play from the Stage series, this one being from the mid fifties. The Lister Sinclair play is called All About Emily, the goose who laid the golden egg.


Here's an episode of The Happy Gang from 1946, as well as an episode from March 3, 1948, and an episode from 1950.


Enjoy some episodes of Jake And The Kid: one from 1952 called Elbow Room, and two from 1972 called Crocus Under The Microscope and Hair Is Here To Stay.