Here are the recollections of an avid listener named Robert Just.

“Laura Limited was sponsored by Leaver Brothers, the Lux people. They had a plant here in Toronto. It was a 15-minute soap, which was on the air for eleven years, from 1946 to the summer of 1957. It was the story of a lady who owned and operated a flower shop in Montreal, Laura Scott Ashley. Her husband David had been murdered. The daughter, Terry, operated the store along with her mother. Laura also had a son named Brian, but he didn’t figure too much in the plot.

Here’s how the program would start. In some episodes, you could hear the phone ringing. Laura would answer the phone: ‘Good morning. Laura Limited.”
Then Henry Ramer, the announcer, would say: ‘Leaver Brothers presents Laura Limited, the story of Laura Scott Ashley and her daughter, Terry - the story of a woman who lives her life by the dictates of her heart.’ Then he’d give the title of that day’s story. Unfortunately, I don’t remember who played Laura, Terry, or Laura’s Uncle George and Aunt Agnes.”