Days of Sail was a collection of salty epics written by Joseph Schull, about the east coast sailing fleet, including some adventures of the Bluenose. The series producer was Frank Willis, who loved sound effects. It was remembered with such affection by radio listeners, that Willis repeated the 1953 scripts in 1969. Here's a brief exerpt from one of those scripts, sound effects and all.

"Aloft you,"

"Mind the lightning,"

(roar of thunder)

"All hands man the sails"

(sound of feet running)

"Quickly man, reef the sails, or old Davy Jones will have guests this terrible night"

(a loud crack)

"She's falling. Clear the decks"

(crash, scream, crackle of fire)

"Quick, men, the fire hoses. Run, my boys"

(rumble of thunder)

"Curse you storm."