Between 1939 and 1945, several series were produced to spur Canadian audiences on to win the war. One such series was Carry On Canada. Comrades In Arms was a development of that original program. It was a weekly drama series produced on a rotating basis, on behalf of the three military services. Frank Willis was the producer, and Samuel Hersenhoren led the orchestra. Bill strange wrote on behalf of the navy, Dick Diespecker wrote for the army, and A. A. McDermott with Fletcher Markle did the same for the air force. By 1950, the series, which consisted of musical productions with dramatic sketches, was produced by Jackie Rae. Howard Cable conducted, and Leslie Bell led the choir. Singers included Gisele Lafleche Terry Dale, and Ted Hockridge. John Rae--(no relation to Jackie)--was the announcer, and Larry McCance was the man in uniform. Bill Strange was still writing for the navy, George Salverson wrote on behalf of the army, and Max Braithwaite wrote for the air force. The service rivalry lasted up to the end of the series.