Here's a quote from CBC announcer Cy Strange, excerpted from Signing On by Bill McNeil and Morris Wolfe.

"There was one soap opera which was broadcast live from CBC Toronto every day, five days a week. It was Brave Voyage, and starred Beth Lockerbie and John Scott. It was sponsored by Rinso. I was the producer. The budget was pretty rigid so that you could have the principle performer on five days a week, but the next principle would be on only 4-1/2 days a week, and the lesser performers were on maybe one day a week. This meant that the script had to be written so that your talent budget would not exceed X number of dollars, which meant they would write an actor into the show for so many weeks, and then have him take a trip somewhere for two or three months. The cheques for all of those people came from the advertiser. We performed at CBC, but were hired by the agency, which paid the corporation for the studio facilities, the use of the Hammond organ, and so-on."

The cast included Peggy Brown, Jane Mallett, Beth Lockerbie, Jack Scott, and Syd Brown.